My name is Andrej Melnikov, I am multidisciplinary designer
My background is somewhat of a melting pot: I was born in Lithuania, but do not speak Lithuanian. My first language is Russian. My next language was English. Now I'm a Munich-based designer and working hard on my German. 

In 2010 I started working as a designer in Moscow at an agency Red Keds—and moved on to become the art director. I did some pretty exciting work there, and had clients like:
— Honda Russia 
— Audi 
— Infiniti 
— Jaguar & Range Rover
— Heineken
— Panasonic
— Hybris
— Vodafone
— Saturn 

In 2013, life threw me another curveball: I moved to Munich, Germany. The uppermost, secluded, & beautiful corner of the Alps. I am now working as a senior designer at a development & design agency called SMAL.